How to Laugh Without Anyone Noticing

Often, the temptation to laugh is great, but in some occasions or places, it just doesn’t seem appropriate to burst into peals of laughter. The desire to laugh becomes worse when you know you cannot laugh, and overall the situation can spiral out of control, and lead to extreme embarrassment. However, if you find yourself in such a situation, there is no need to torture yourself by trying to contain the laughter completely, or to risk a possible reprimand. Instead, try to laugh without anyone noticing – by using a few clever techniques, you can actually get away with it.


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    The best way to laugh without anyone noticing is to bow your head. This is the ideal technique for concealing inconvenient laughter fits that might occur during class. Simply lower your head, keeping your eyes down so you do not make eye contact with anyone, and laugh silently to your heart’s content. Do not allow any loud noises to escape your mouth, and try to keep your lips in a straight line. If you have long hair, you are in luck, as you can use this as a curtain to shield your face.

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    When laughing silently in order to avoid notice, make sure you do not burst into panic – remember to exhale slowly and deeply in between, in an attempt to relax yourself and calm down, and if any noise does escape you, cover it up with a quick cough or sneeze. Try to normalise your breathing, to tame the sudden fit of laughter – in order to regain control, you can also pretend that you are laughing in your head, without actually doing it physically.

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    Use your tongue as a barrier to stifle the laughter. Stick the tip of your tongue out, and make it touch your upper lip. This will serve as an obstacle which may stifle the louder laughs. Keep your tongue in this position, and breathe through your nose – laugh silently, exerting most of the energy into your shoulders, and keep doing this until the laughing fit fades away.

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    Finally, make use of your stomach muscles to laugh silently without anyone noticing. Force the laughter down from your chest to your stomach, and concentrate on the movement of your stomach muscles. Hold your breath for small moments, so the laughter stays inside, and the noise will be more of an inward clicking, as opposed to a giggle.

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