How to Not Be an Idealist

Whether you are an idealist or not, you would surely have some sort of ideals that you religiously follow. Idealists normally have some sort of beliefs and principles, which they never compromise on. Some of those principles are considered to be absolutes, for whom an idealist would be willing to fight and die for. It becomes extremely tough for an idealist to change his/her religious or political views or to openly accept someone else’s opinion that is contradictory to him or her.

In order to survive in the modern world, it is important not to be an idealist and to be open to new ideas. It is very difficult to avoid the temptation of becoming an idealist; however, you can work on a few aspects of your personality to not be an idealist.


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    Accept the ground realities of the world

    Most people become idealists during their academic careers as they study various things. However, they realise after entering a professional field that real life is a lot different to what they have been studying. Therefore, if you do not want to become an idealist, you should accept and adjust according to the ground realities, which may or may not be according to your personal beliefs.

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    Do not possess definite beliefs

    If you do not want to be an idealist, it is highly recommended not to have definite beliefs. Instead of inheriting your religious or political beliefs, you must study and research about things before believing. Do not trust any information that reaches you through a word of mouth.

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    Keep your mind open

    Even if you have researched about a topic and have formed an opinion, you should still keep your mind open to new ideas and any information that is based on logic should be accepted.

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    Do not idealise people

    You must learn from someone else’s experiences and there is nothing wrong in being impressed by great people. However, you should not look to copy anyone else in your outlook or inner beliefs.

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    Maintain your own identity

    Everyone in this world is different and has his or her own personality. You must maintain your personal identity and be as genuine and natural as possible.

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    Avoid arguments

    If you indulge yourself in arguments, you are likely to form strict opinions, which is not what you want to achieve. Therefore, you should respect the opinions of others and should have the patience to avoid an argument.

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