How to Not Be a Loner in Class

Are you tired of being alone in your class? Do you think others avoid you? Is it hard for you to interact with others even though you want to? In that case, you haven’t been facing any unusual problems. There are several kids around the globe who experience shyness while interacting with others. Moreover, they are a little different from the people around them. It’s not because of their face and it’s not even because of what they do in class which makes them stand alone; it’s mostly because their ideology is a little different from all the other kids sitting in the class.


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    If you don’t want to be a loner, first try to socialize as much as you can. Always try to keep an upper hand in every interaction you make. You have to sound like you are the boss. It may seem difficult, but it isn’t impossible. Just make sure that everyone believes whatever you are saying. Note: Never lie to another person while making a point - simply exaggerate things a little. This will help you become a little popular in your class.

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    Secondly, try to spend a little on the people around you. Your close circle of friends will bring money, but you should try bringing a little extra. This may sound like a cheap move but people love others who go the extra mile for them. If you are young, then spending money on others, which you haven’t earned yourself, is something that you are sacrificing and that is definitely going the extra mile. Therefore, try to spend a little on others. However, money is not the only thing that you can spend on others. Your time, knowledge, advice and wisdom – everything counts. Simply, be nice enough to give a friendly ear to everyone who is around you.

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    Make sure that others know your secrets. Once they know everything about you, they will not have much against you. Mostly, kids these days insult other kids on things which they find out about them later on. You should not give them this option or leverage to make fun of you or isolate you. Be simple and extremely straight forward - it always pays off.

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    Lastly, try to talk to the opposite gender. If you are a guy, then talking to girls will definitely make you famous. In case you are a girl, then talking to guys will make you famous too. Others are always curious about what the ‘couple’ is talking about. Always make sure that you have something with you which the others look forward to.

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