How to Treat Depression with Poetry

Different people treat their depression in different manners as some go out for having fun with their family and friends while some stay at home and keep them busy in doing different household work. But there are also many people who love poetry and read or listen it when they are depressed. With the help of poetry they get rid of depression. Poetry entertains a soothing effect on mind and heart and helps in removing depression. You can also take guidance from this post which will certainly help you to learn how to treat depression with poetry.


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    First of all, you should understand the fact that poetry plays a soothing effect and works like a therapy of heart and mind and helps in reducing or eliminating the depression altogether.

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    For enjoying a good poetry, you need to find a quiet place where you think no one from your family members will disturb you. All you need is a complete focus for enjoying poetry which will help you to overcome your depression.

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    If you can write poetry, then it is the most fascinating thing that will never let depression hinder you. You can easily overcome depression by probing into your heart and bring out tender feelings to write something alluring.

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    You can also express your current depressed state of mind in words by creating poetry. It will also help you to overcome your depression as your focus will turn towards your creation, not the depression itself.

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    Sometimes it becomes very hard to express feelings about your depression in a sequence. You should write down all problems and then go from there in order to find a good flow in the process of creating poetry.

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    Do not give any importance to the specific rules or structure of poetry as your sole objective is to get rid of depression. Let words sprout from your pen without the restrictions of rhyme scheme or other rules of poetry.

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    After completing the poem or a piece of poetry, you should read it again and edit it which will keep you busy in a way that will help in reducing the depression and you will feel satisfaction with your poetic creation.

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    At the editing stage, you can pay importance to the structure, flow and pauses in your creation. You can also mould it according to the rules of poetry at this stage.

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