How to Look Good When You Wake Up

You might struggle waking up in the morning because most of us go to sleep late at night. Life is hectic and the sleeping patterns of modern world are totally disturbed. The pace of life is so fast that people are not finding it easy to keep up with the fashion trends and look good. It is everyone’s dream to wake up and look good but none of us can actually realize our dream. However, some basic tips can help you look a lot better with that you look now when you wake up. You can say thanks to me anytime by leaving a comment.


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    If you are wearing makeup at night; coming from some party or something that requires you to apply makeup, make sure you remove everything that you put on before you go to sleep. If you leave the makeup on, it will just ruin your skin overnight and you will look like a freak in the morning when you will wake up.

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    Clean your face with hot water and a good face wash. Rinse the face in hot water and do the same  for your hands. Your skin needs warm water to stop the damage caused by the dust and other harmful substances that are injurious to your skin. After you are done with the warm water rinsing act, just apply some cold water splashes to your face and hand to close the pores.

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    Comb your hair before you go to bed. Don’t let them stay wavy and messed up because it will get worse when you will wake up and the look on your face will not be better than a retard. Tie your hair or make a pony tail, maybe braided hair will work in this case as well. Just keep them nice and tied, not open and messed up.

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    Wipe your eyes clean before you wake up. The dirt in your eyes is the biggest turn off in the morning so make sure you get them clean.

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    Clean your face again as soon as you wake up. Make sure you use the same process as discussed above for cleaning the face; warm water and afterwards a few splashes of cold water.

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    Clean your nose in the morning as well.

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    Brush your teeth and make sure they are crystal clean.

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