How to Forgive and Move On In Life

Life is a combination of different emotions. One has to go through a lot of hardships and sometimes it feels that everything has come to a halt. However, it is always good to forget the past and move on. This is the only way of succeeding otherwise one gets stuck at a certain point.

One of the most difficult situations in life is when someone breaks your heart. This can only be done by someone who is close to you like a family member. Although it is difficult to forget such incidents, one has to leave them behind somehow and think of other relationships.

The best way of doing so is by forgiving the other person for what he/she has done to you.


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    Analyse the situation

    First of all, you need to analyse the overall situation and think of what happened. Some things are out of control and one can simply not avoid them no matter what. Maybe your friend, lover or any family member did not hurt you on purpose. Therefore, try looking at all the possibilities in order to forgive the other person.

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    Make decisions with a cool head

    It is not ideal to make decisions when you are angry. It is almost certain that you will come up with a wrong conclusion, so take your time to cool down. Drink cold water and relax for a while before thinking of the entire situation. This way, you will be able to forgive the other person and move on in life.

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    Realise that everyone makes mistakes

    You will never find anyone to be perfect in this world. If you always search for a person, who never commits mistakes, you will never be able to get along with anyone. So, the best way is to accept everyone as they are. Even if they hurt you for some reason, forget about it and focus on the future.

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    Is the other person important to you?

    Check out that the other person is important to you or not. If he/she holds significance in your life, you will never be able to live without him/her. So, it is pointless to waste your time on past issues.

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    Tell the other person that you need time

    Rather than finishing off a relationship, inform the other person that you want time to forget what he/she has done. You will eventually realise that it is useless to cry over spilt milk.

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