How to Avoid Awkward Conversations

Communication has always been extremely important since the beginning of mankind on this earth. It is a crucial factor in our day to day life as humans are social animals and they need to interact with each other on regular basis, in order to lead a smooth life. However, communicating even the simple messages can be very tricky at times and can result in confusions. Most of us perceive things according to our own frame of reference, consequently ending up having awkward conversations.

An awkward conversation can spoil your whole day, so it is wise to avoid such people who are argumentative. Avoiding such conversations is not as simple as it looks and it requires a lot of patience and self-control. When you hear some unpleasant words, the best way is to take a deep breath and stay quiet. Take into consideration the other person’s state of mind and convince yourself that you will not achieve anything through a non-productive argument.


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    Avoid political or religious conversations

    At workplace or in a gathering with friends, it is ideal to avoid political or religious conversations as these two topics often lead to awkward conversations. An ordinary person does not have the ability to change the opinion of others, especially if it is about his/her faith; therefore, you cannot win anything in this argument.

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    Avoid telemarketing calls

    Telemarketing calls can be quite irritating at times. Most telemarketing representatives have great convincing powers and they are very persuasive. It is best to gently ask them not to call you again.

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    Do not answer questions about personal life

    Some people love to gossip and are always interested in knowing stuff about someone else’s personal life. Sometimes, you share your problems with others in order to get an opinion but the best thing is to share such information only with people who are close to you and who understand your nature.

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    Never make recommendations

    Every good human has the tendency to help others by recommending them to a job or a customer. However, such actions often lead to bitterness. It is best to mind your own business and just wish everyone well.

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    Be patient

    If you have a strong difference of opinion with someone, it is best to have a general conversation and avoid talking about the conflicts. You have got to be patient and the ideal manner to behave most of the times is to speak less and hear more. Let the other person express himself. A great way to disagree with someone is to say, “I respect your opinion but I do not agree with that.”

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