How to Get Back On Track When Life Sucks

When we come to this world, our parents wish all the happiness for us and no one is actually thinking about things going awry somewhere along the road. If life was to be a bed of roses, then none of us would be sad or wishing something that we could probably never have.

We win some we lose some. We can’t always be on the winning side, sooner or later regret and dismay come crashing down, eventually draining the life out of us.

However, we seldom realize that our life sucks. Nonetheless, when we do, we sink in the pits of depression and disgust.

We lose sleep, appetite and desire to achieve anything. This is followed by the loss of interest in our jobs which eventually results in our dismissal pushing us further into depression.

However, life is just too short to sit back and watch the world pass us by.


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    In order to get back on track, we need to first become strong from the inside to tackle the problems laughing in our face. Unless and until we decide that we have had enough, we will not be able to succeed in pulling ourselves out from the quicksand of loss and regret. Face the fact that shit happens, but you need to take it on the chin and move ahead.  The change in attitude is the key to success.

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    You need to bring a change in your lifestyle to make it more interesting. Take-up a hobby, or join a fitness club to get your body back in shape.

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    Walking is another excellent way to get you acquainted to life and its rewards. A walk in the park will help you meet new people.

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    A few days off work will do wonders for you, as it will give you some time for yourself. However, going back does not mean that it will be work and no fun for you anymore as you can always try to make your working place pleasant and interesting without the occasional dull atmosphere.

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    Talk to yourself for motivation as this will help you gain confidence to do things which you consider difficult.

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    Go out clubbing, dance to the beat and loosen up. Spending a Saturday night out would release the tension inside and make you want to live a little. It could also lead to you meeting someone and end the hiatus in your dating life.

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