How to Be a Good Citizen

In a society, you have to live under the rules and laws that govern that particular society/country, and it is your behaviour towards these laws that actually makes you a good or bad citizen. Most people claim they really want to become good citizens, but when it comes to abiding by the laws and caring for others, they simply turn away and do what they want to do.

Becoming a good citizen is not a rocket science; all you have to do is to stifle your ego, and respect both laws and people.


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    Be kind

    Being kind to others can make you feel good and others will think of you as a good person. Being kind should not be limited to just your family, friends and relatives; you should also behave well with those you are unfamiliar with. You cannot give people grim looks when you do not get what you want or when someone does not do you a favour.

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    Give others respect

    If you give others respect, they will respect you in return. Giving respect to others does not just mean that you have to be nice to them and listen to them with a big smile on your face; you have to help them out when they need your help and respect their opinion.

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    Pick up litter

    Picking up litter from the streets should not make you feel inferior. Even if the government departments and official dedicated municipal workers do not take swift action, you can do some work yourself. If you see garbage strewn around (this is especially true of big cities, which are nothing more than great messes on every Sunday morning), do not just walk past and ignore it. Pick up some of the litter yourself. You can use a shopping bag and dump the garbage at a proper place. If the city government officials are too slow to respond, make a call and draw their attention towards it.

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    Help people

    Another important thing you can do to become a good citizen is to help others. There are literally thousands of people around you who are in some kind of need. Expand your social circle and try to find people whom you can help. You don’t have to empty your pocket to help others; you can do several other things. For instance, you can help the elderly cross busy streets, or help a pregnant woman who cannot carry a heavy package all by herself.

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