How to Cure Social Anxiety Naturally

Social anxiety can have a great effect on your daily life. It can be harmful for your relations and make you feel nervous and anxious among people. Such people are very conscious and afraid that what they do or say is wrong. They have the fear of being embarrassed and judged in public. They fear rejection and the fear causes dizziness, nausea, increased heart rate and much more. It also affects the sleeping patterns and prevents you in proceeding normally in routine life. The causes if this can be traced to past experiences. It is hard to overcome it complete but there are some natural measures that exist. Read below to get information on these cures.


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    B Vitamins have a calming effect on the body. They lessen the anxiety and make you emotionally stable. It is best to incorporate them in your diet by increasing your intake of green vegetables. It can also be taken in form of a vitamin supplement. It is one of the most widely known curative measures.

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    Kava is another option; it is a root found in south pacific. It has a positive impact by increasing mental awareness and greatly decreases anxiety levels. As such people have difficulty sleeping; it can also help in sleeping normally. Such people are not well rested because of lack of sleep and this ad on to the anxiety. Kava is used in powdered form and is made into a drink. It can also be found as a liquid extract.

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    Another important cure is physical activity. It is known that exercise helps in decreasing the level of stress. It takes anxiety out of the body physically. It has a lot of health benefits; it regulates blood flow in the body and makes you more alert mentally. This way you can deal with hard situations in a better manner. The sleeping pattern also gets regulated with exercise.

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    You need to watch your intake of caffeine and cigarettes. They cause the blood pressure to rise, the heart rate increases and aids the process of anxiety. Avoid these things as their consumption will make you feel anxious and more panicked in situations. Also decrease your intake of alcohol, it may give you momentarily pleasure but is harmful as it makes you jitter. Lastly you need to believe that you can handle people and situations. This will have a ppositive effect on your mind.
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