How to Put On a Few Extra Pounds

There can be several reasons why someone would want to add a few extra pounds. While most of the people try to lose weight, there are a few who want to gain due to personal reasons, bulking up, or even for a sport. Even though many would say that eating is the only thing that can help you gain weight, it is not. It takes a lot of time and concentration to gain weight if you want to. In fact, for many people gaining weight can become as difficult as losing it for other people. A change in diet is necessary for obvious reasons, but in order to gain weight the perfect way, you must follow a strict schedule and the perfect guidelines. With the following few and easy steps, you can most definitely add a few extra pounds to yourself.


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    Starting off with your diet, you must start consuming nutritious food which has high calories. Calories are necessary for you in order to gain weight and also for you to bulk up. This can eventually help you build muscle on your body. Example of nutritious food can include grain breads, avocados, potatoes and other vegetables, kidney beans, lean red meat, fish and poultry. All these things can aid you in gaining a few extra calories.

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    Once you have started consuming the aforementioned food, you must also add the calories in your diet. For instance, you can increase calories if you add powdered milk to casseroles. Moreover, you can use avocados, olives and even potatoes into your sandwiches which you eat every day. Few people would even add wheat germ to the cereal they eat, or chopped me to the pasta sauce.

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    Since you are on a strict diet and want to add a few extra pounds, make sure you do not skip any meals. At least three meals and two snacks in a single day must suffice your everyday eating needs.

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    You should also increase the portion size of your meal. For instance, if you are eating three scoops of pasta, increase it to four. Similarly, add bananas to your everyday meals.

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    Make sure that you always choose the kind of food which has higher calories. For instance, corn has higher calories as compared to green beans.

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    Restlessness can help you burn a lot of calories, try to relax.

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    Weight lifting must be added to your everyday regime since it will help you build mass.

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