How to Be the Kind of Person People Like

Everyone has the desire to get love from everyone they meet. Being the people’s person has been the dream of many while it is not easy as it seems to be. In order to achieve this, you have to make a considerably improvement in your personality and opt all the things that other people would want. Of course, many of these tasks will not be difficult to accomplish but some of them will require a real hard work and the natural element, because no one likes fake.

Most of the people do not like and get irritated by one’s false effort to be friendly. To earn the love of people, you will have to do real changes in how you sit, how you eat, how you dress up, how you behave with them and your attitude.

Keeping in mind, there is always room for improvement you should not only improve in every aspect but keep your relentless efforts as gaining something is not really important but how to sustain it is the most difficult part.


  • 1

    Remember ‘first impression is the last impression’, and improve your look. It does not matter whether you go to a school, college or attend a beach party, you should always look nice.

  • 2

    Your hair are an attractive feature of your body. Make sure wherever you go, your hairs are properly styled and give a wonderful shine.

  • 3

    Coming to the dressing part, your shirt should be attractive and have a good balance of colours in it. For girls, they should consider wearing good tops that make their body look attractive to others.

  • 4

    Subsequently, you should wear the right pants. For boys, jeans should fit them well and have attractive colours while girls should wear colourful skirts in summer or shorts.

  • 5

    Not only your dressing reflects your personality but what type of shoes you wear also adds substantial value.

  • 6

    Change your attitude a little according to the personality of your loved ones to make them more comfortable.

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    One of the most important things that improve your emotional attachment is that you should remember the occasions which are dear to them. You should remember birthdays and  wedding anniversaries and do not forget to bring them lovely gifts.

  • 8

    Try to cooperate with them, go out for lunch or dinner, you should have some pictures with them as a sweet memory and get frank with them as much as possible.

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