How to Stop Caring What Others Think Of You

In all honesty, it is very difficult not to think and care about what people have to say about you. At the end of the day, each choice that you make and each step that you take, you will be judged by people whether they are your parents, siblings, relatives, friends, colleagues or even people you don’t know at all. Perhaps the worst thing about people is that they are judgmental and love to give views on people they don’t even know remotely. However, this is the kind of world we live in so we have to adapt and move on and not worry about what they say and think about us.


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    Using your own imagination and using it to your benefit is perhaps the best way to stop thinking about others’ sentiments towards you. In life, there are a lot of obstacles and perhaps the thorniest of those are human beings, especially the ones who tried to de-track or de-motivate you with each step you take. Many people will be haters rather than your well-wishers and might try to unhinge you in order to make sure that you do not accomplish those goals you have set that will define and shape your future. Do not imagine anything negative about you or about something that you want to do. Obviously, if you stop believing in yourself, why would the outside beleive in you?

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    There are people who ‘want’ to know how they are perceived by others. However, that is not going to get them anywhere in all honesty. There is no point in finding out how others see you. If they think highly of you then fine. Otherwise, it is better to find out such things as a negative comment could have a drastic effect on you. For instance, the whole world judged Tiger Woods following his sex scandal. However, the legendary golfer was unfazed by all that and kept doing what he does best – winning golf tournaments and creating history.

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    Everyone is different from eachother. You are different from other people. Say that to yourself each time you get up in the morning. Although people try to do things that are the ‘trend’, it is much better if you maintained your individuality. People who try mimic what others do, will never be successful in life and never have an individuality factor attached to them. Be what you are and stop thinking what ‘they’ think of it.

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