How to Involve the Children with the Laundry

Young children need to be trained in doing routine chores so that they grow into responsible and competent adults. Laundry is one of those tasks which you train your kids in from an early age. Most kids will find it fun to sort out their clothes and help you. Kids of every age can help in laundry in some way and make the overall load a little lighter for you. This will also teach them the value of being self dependent and how much you have been doing for them all along. They will also get a sense of accomplishment when you applaud them for a completed task. Our step by step guide has some tips on how to involve your children with the laundry.


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    5 -10 year old children:

    Put a laundry basket in their rooms or washrooms and teach them to put their dirty clothes in it instead of throwing them around. Kids of this age should also be able to sort out the whites from the colorful ones for you and carry their laundry baskets for you if they are not that heavy. They can also sort out other colors for you so that it becomes easier for you when doing the load. Teach kids how to spread clothes on the drying rack as most of them will be too short for the clothesline.

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    10-12 year old children:

    Children of this age should be able to help you by hanging the clothes on the lines and collecting them when they dry. You should encourage them to learn folding techniques from you and maintain their wardrobe. This is the age where kids should start looking after their own socks and undergarments. They should learn hand wash by now. Most kids will be able to load the machine in your supervision. However, it is better if they do not operate the machine on their own.

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    Teenagers should be expected to do their own load at least once a week. However, being the parent excuse then during exams and when they are not feeling well. Most children learn to iron their own uniform and clothes in their early teens. But it completely depends on you to teach them the right techniques and how they should treat each type of fabric.

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