How to Treat Pseudocyesis

Despite extensive research and knowledge on brain, it still gives tough time to doctors. Pseudocyesis, also known as false pregnancy, causes serious psychological and emotional pain to the sufferer. People enduring this problem think that they are pregnant but in reality, it is not the case. These people suffer from actual pregnancy symptoms. Usually women who have strong desire to become pregnant, high level of hormones, emotionally unstable or who have fertility issues become victim of this disease. However, there is no need to panic as you can check this problem with pregnancy urine and blood tests. This will show you that you are not pregnant. After diagnosing it, you can treat the problem.


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    Check whether you are pregnant or not

    You need to confirm that you are pregnant or not. Pseudocyesis have symptoms of real pregnancy such as women cease to have periods, experience morning sickness, breasts enlarges and have food cravings. In addition to these, the sufferer’s abdomen expands which appears that she is expecting. In reality this may be a build-up of gas, fat, faeces or urine. Researchers are still not clear that how these women experiences symptoms of pregnant women but these symptoms last for few months or even few years. There is also a slight chance that pseudocyesis leads to a positive pregnancy test but it rarely happens. You need to confirm your pregnancy with ultrasound which will confirm whether you are expecting a baby or not.

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    Treating physical symptoms

    You need to tackle the physical symptoms first i.e. you need to treat the lack of menstrual period. You are required to take the specific medicines which your doctor has prescribed in order to trigger it.

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    Check underlying endocrine disorders

    False pregnancy can be result of imbalanced hormones. In most cases of pseudocyesis, there is high level of prolactin and estrogen. This is most probably result of disorder while sometimes it occur because of trouble in endocrine system. Remember that troubling endocrine system involves faulty pituitary gland.

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    Visit a psychotherapist

    Most cases of false pregnancy are result of psychological issues among those sufferers. They may desperately want to be pregnant, may be depressed or even fear of becoming pregnant leads to pseudocyesis. A psychotherapist will help to ease their stress, reduce anxiety and lower depression.

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