How to Keep Environment Clean and Safe

Having a clean and safe environment is absolutely necessary for a prosperous and enjoyable life. However, over the past few decades, we have witnessed alarming levels of pollution. Unfortunately, we have adopted a lifestyle which is having an adverse effect on the environment of the planet. Despite the fact that pollution is becoming a massive threat to human civilisation, it is a tragedy that there is not enough environmental education in most parts of the world. This is criminal negligence on the part of people who matter. By following certain strategies at a micro level, we can maintain a safe and healthy environment.


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    Keep your surroundings clean

    It is your moral obligation to ensure that your surroundings are neat and clean. Make sure that garbage is not gathered in any area of your community. It is important to have screen covers over the drains and it is our job to keep them unclogged. A clogged drain or the absence of screen covers can be great sources of various diseases. Work as a community to ensure that all the residents use trash cans and throwing refuse on the sides of roads or empty spaces must be discouraged at any cost.

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    Promote greenery

    Keeping your surroundings green is also a prime responsibility as it will ensure a healthy supply of oxygen which is crucial for a safe and clean environment. You must plant more trees in your area. The shade of the trees and the aroma of the fruits and flowers also play an important role in enhancing the atmosphere. Collaborate with the officials of your society and encourage the residents to take additional care of their gardens.

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    Voluntary campaigns

    Launch a campaign in your area and lead a team of volunteers who are prepared to work hard to ensure a clean and safe environment. Apart from running a cleaning campaign in your locality, you can also persuade people to plant more trees. If you are able to develop a committed team of volunteers, you can create awareness among the residents to play their due role in improving the overall environment.

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    Keep a civilised atmosphere

    In order to keep the atmosphere civilised, it is imperative that shouting, screaming and other types of noises are highly discouraged. Such uncivilised behaviour has an adverse effect on the overall environment of a community.

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