How to Interview a Potential Roommate

Some people undermine the need to interview a potential roommate and then face problems later on. Therefore, it is strongly advised that an individual should interview a potential roommate and make sure that he/she is easy to get along and no issues will surface in future. It is necessary that the routine and habits of the potential roommate should match to that of yours or at least you are comfortable with his/her routine. Interviewing a potential roommate before allowing him/her to live with you will give you a heads up.


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    Enquire about the basics

    It is not appropriate to jump into the specifics or personal matters in the start of the interview. You should enquire about the basics to know general things about your potential roommate. You can start by asking questions related to smoking, drugs, drinking, party, general routine and party habits. After he/she has answered all your questions, you must ask him/her about the idea of having a roommate and what perception he/she has in mind. Some people like to improve interaction with roommates while some only require a place to sleep.

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    Ask questions based on your expectations

    Now you should start asking questions based on your expectations. These questions should be regarding the sharing of expense, utility bills and hygiene habits. If you want your place to be very neat and clean all the time, then you should clearly mention to your roommate. You should ask your potential roommate about his/her verdict on this. If you are allergic to something, then you should also tell your potential roommate about it. Some people have the problem with lights turned on when they are sleeping, you should also discuss this with your potential roommate.

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    Know his/her likes and dislikes

    It is strongly advised that you know his/her likes and dislikes and compare it with yours. It is important that you both should get along with each other and for this, you both must be compatible. You can also ask the potential roommate about his/her political and religious views and it is important that you both should respect each other’s perception.

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    Know what he/she likes to do in free time

    Now you should ask your potential roommate about what he/she prefers to do in his/her free time. If he/she likes to watch movies, television or cooking, it is possible that it matches your interest and you both get to spend time with each other.

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