How to Request a Lease Agreement From Your Landlord

Requesting a lease agreement from your landlord requires many things. You need to take many important measures before filing the papers and getting involved with a long-term lease with the landlord. Sometimes people feel that month to month rent is more of a burden for them and if they get any property on lease, they will feel comfortable. Legal experts always say that people want to get any property on lease must enter in a written contract. By requesting a lease agreement from your landlord, you need to focus on specific key points to help you get the deal done.


  • 1

    Exact period of lease agreement

    It is very important that you have already decided the exact period of the lease agreement. You can decide according to your needs and requirements as to how long you will need a specific home or property. Different countries have different laws for lease agreements but in the United States of America, the longest term of any lease agreement is twelve months.

  • 2

    Developing rent range

    Developing a rent range is important as it will help you adjust the monetary obligation. Though in a written agreement you should also mention this point but sometimes you could decide this after talking to your landlord.

  • 3

    Security deposit

    This is up to you and your landlord as to how much security deposit will be paid. It is also very important that both parties should be agreed on a mutual understanding on security deposit issues.

  • 4

    Meeting with landlord

    Schedule a potential meeting with landlord and discuss with him all the small details about signing a lease agreement.

  • 5

    Outline key elements

    You should also outline key elements of the agreement. Elaborate all the proposed things regarding the lease agreement and try to write down all the important points.

  • 6

    Proposal made by landlord

    You should also see all the proposals which your landlord has proposed regarding the lease agreement. You can also discuss with him as to whether those specific proposals are acceptable to you or not. You should also consider as to whether those proposals fit with your leasing objectives.

  • 7

    Draft a complete standard form

    You should also draft a complete standard lease form for a potential agreement. Your landlord’s complete name along with your name and addresses should be written on the form.

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