How to Get Rid of Cigarette Smoke in a House

Smoking is one of the greatest health hazards that we face. It is not necessary that we have to suffer from its effects by only being a smoker; non-smokers also have issues because of those around them who smoke. The smokers sometimes themselves want to quit or at least reduce the habit and its bad effects.

One of the issues related with smoking is the smoke itself and its lasting smell indoors. A smoker’s home will generally smell really bad and will give an ill feeling to those who visit.

If you have any such issues, you can get rid of the smell by following some simple methods that are commonly used to get rid of the problem.


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    Fresh Air

    Nothing beats nature. Open up your windows and let the air come in. Once you have inflow of air, your home will start losing at least some of the smell. Cross ventilation will be even better in the matter. It will also save you some cost of air conditioning as well.

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    Air Fresheners

    Air fresheners can mask the smell with their own fragrances that stay for a fair bit of time. For a more permanent solution, it is a good idea that you use odour absorbing sprays. These sprays absorb the odour in the rooms and leave a pleasant feeling with their own fragrance.

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    Odour Absorbing Materials

    There are many options in this regard. Materials such as charcoal, baking soda and vinegar are useful options as they will absorb the particles of smoke that are present in the air. Keeping them in various places of the house can help in getting the air feeling fresh in the house.

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    There are specific candles that are used for this purpose. They not only neutralise the odour from smoke but also have their own pleasant scent that makes one feel good. These candles can burn for hours and also can take away the smell of cooking as well. These are easily available in most stores and can be purchased online as well.

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    Commercial Treatments

    There are options of getting commercial treatments done in your home if the above methods do not work to your satisfaction or you need to get rid of the smell in a hurry. You can get an Ozone treatment or Ion treatments whichever one suits you better.

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