How to Close a Summer Home for the Season

So you finally bought your dream vacation house. All your family, friends, children, neighbors enjoyed the summer with you bit now it’s time to say goodbye. These summer homes are only used for vacations and have to be closed the rest of the year. You need to make a checklist to ensure that you have closed it and taken care of everything properly. Taking proper care will keep the house free from bugs and mildew in the winter months. It will also save you from maintenance and repair costs if shutdown properly.


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    The valves need to be properly closed as no one will be using them in the winter. Turn it off from the main water supply. In the winter months the valves tend to expand and break. The solution is to winterize your plumbing. The task can be done yourself or hire a plumber. Anti freeze liquids are found in the market, pour them on shower drains, sinks and toilets. Make sure that you drain all faucets indoors and outdoors. When the plumbing in winterized, it shields against the breakage. When all the water will be drained out, there will be none to freeze, expand and cause the breakage.

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    Electric supply

    It is advisable to turn off the main power supply of the whole house because no one is using it. If you need the main power to remain on, then remember to disconnect all the electrical appliance including fridge, washing machines, ovens etc. you do not want your house to catch fire because of short circuiting or any appliance heating up.

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    Packing sheets

    With the house in use; sheets, towels, table clothes are regularly changed. Make sure to wash and dry them properly before packing away. If you keep them uncovered and dirty, bugs will make holes in them and they will get mildewed. Store them in an airtight place where they can’t be reached by bugs or mice. The outdoor furniture should also be cleaned and put in the garage to prevent against rain, heat and storms.

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    Final lockup

    Do not forget to close windows and also secure them with storm shutters. Also put bug bombs just in case. Give your number to the local police in case of any emergency and inform them that you are leaving.

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