How to Create a Spa Experience at Home

Massages, manicures and pedicures can bring someone from a stressful frame of mind to a tranquil one. While it may be nice to enjoy the spa experience at the salon, it also can be experienced at home. The only need is to call the right professional to come to your home, and setting up an environment to give your home a salon-like feel. So, if you are looking to create the same atmosphere at your home and you do not have idea of how to do it, then keep reading this article and follow the instructions carefully.


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    First of all, you will have to sort out some of the best salons in your area that specialise in massages, manicures and pedicures. Make calls to each of them and ask the receptionists if they provide home services. Ask them specifically which services they can provide you at your home. Note down the names of salons and the services they provide in parallel.

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    Discuss pricing, availability and the types of things, massage therapist(s) will bring to your house. It's important to ask if the massage therapist would be able to bring her massage table, or just her massage chair.

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    Once you are done with getting all the information you need, you can book a time for the massage therapist to come to your home. Ask that your family members or roommates leave for the evening so that you can indulge yourself. You can also use any spare room for that purpose, provided that it is neat and clean. 

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    If you want it to be a group activity, invite over a few of your close friends or family member to take part in your spa experience at home. Let the salon representative know about your complete plans for the evening beforehand, including the number of guests. They will make preparations accordingly.

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    Light some candles to set the tone, play some soft music to unwind and turn the lights off or down low before the massage therapist arrives.

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