How to Wake up a Sleeping Husband

Marriage is among the most important events in life as you start to share your world with your spouse. Through love, care and excitement, this relation comes with a number of responsibilities for both husband and wife.

Some wives have to wake up their lazy husbands, which can be quite a challenging task, especially if he does not possess healthy sleeping habits. In some cases, the husband is sleeping but you need to wake him for some sort of emergency. Therefore, it is important for you to learn the tactics of effectively waking up your sleeping husband.


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    Open the curtains and be gentle

    If you are trying to wake up your husband in the morning, you should open up the curtains before trying to wake him up. Keep in mind that waking up in a dark room is always a lot more difficult as compared to a room in which sun rays are entering through a window. Call your husband’s name gently and ask him to wake up.

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    Be a little romantic

    If your husband still does not wake up, go and sit beside him. Hold your husband’s hand and say something sweet and pleasant. You may just try to take him in your arms and kiss him passionately. It will surely help him get rid of any sleepy feelings. However, you have to maintain a balance in such a situation because if you are being too romantic, you may end up seducing your husband and he may want to make love.

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    Make a cup of tea or coffee

    Make a cup of tea or coffee for your husband and serve it in bed. It will surely tempt him to wake up as the aroma is very hard to resist. If your husband does not like tea or coffee, you may make a glass of fresh juice, preferably apple or orange.

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    Be Creative

    If you are still unable to wake your husband up, you need to try some other tactics. Try to play around with him by throwing a cushion over him or by sprinkling some drops of water on his face. Try to be creative and you will surely find a quick way to wake up your husband in the morning.

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