How to Handle Rude Customers

If you have ever worked in customer service or sales you will understand how frustrating it can be to have to handle a rude customer. No matter how hard you try to avoid it, there are always customers that are very rude and demanding. Dealing with a rude customer can certainly ruin your day, get you angry and sometimes even get you in trouble with those above you. If you want to handle a rude customer then you can by following some helpful tips which are not very difficult to follow.


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    Listen to customer:

    No matter how rude a customer can get, you will have to listen to what he or she is trying to say. Although it might be difficult, try to listen attentively or at least act like you care about what the customer is try to say.

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    Show patience:

    A rude customer can really get under your skin and the best thing for you to do is to try to take some deep breaths and show some patience. It can be very frustrating but the key is to not let the rude customer get the better of you. By showing some patience the rude customer will either leave or calm down and behave accordingly.

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    Do not get angry:

    Remember to never get angry as this is what a rude customer wants. By not getting angry you will also show composure and your superiors will definitely like the way you handle things.

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    If a customer is really getting rude and obnoxious with you then you can always ignore him or her. Just walk or look away and try to help some other customer. Hopefully the rude customer will leave and not bother you anymore.

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    Be courteous:

    The more rude the customer gets you can become even more courteous. This will have a positive effect on the rude customer as he or she will realise that you are not getting flustered and can handle any type of situation.

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    Ask other person to help:

    Ask another customer service person to help you out when dealing with a rude customer. The best part about this is that it becomes two against one and the rude customer will either leave or calm down. This can be very effective when dealing with some very rude customers.

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    Give apology:

    Even if you know that you did not do anything wrong, offer an apology to the rude customer. This can definitely help calm the situation down and help you have a pleasant day at work.

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