How to Create Your Own Super Power

Super power is a popular term used in comic books and fictional stories. It is used to refer to a fictional super human ability. Super power is used to describe exaggeration of normal human traits to super abilities like extra strength, flight or telekinesis etc.

Most of these fictional characters are called mutants for having these exceptional skills. They are usually born with these special powers which they can use for either good or evil purposes. For Example most of the team members of X-Men were born with their special abilities and super powers.

Some heroes like Batman, Green Arrow may also fall under super hero categories regardless of having any super ability. They have having exceptional skills, abilities, passion and resources to take out bad guys or anyone.

Some characters derive skills to gain super powers. Green Lantern has his power ring, bionic limbs of Six Million Dollar Man, Tony stark with his Iron Man armour. However, there are some characters that gain special power after accidents or have experiments on them. Usually villains like Sandman, Octopus Man are undergone with this suffering. However, Bruce Banner became hulk after experiment on him. Similarly Spider-man gained his powers after bitten by genetically enhanced spider and Powerpuff girls gained their power after chemical X accidently fell on the mixture their professor was making.


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    What type of Power you want if you were to be a Super Hero

    First of all you need to decide what type of super power you want to have if you were to become a Super Hero. You need to create a power which can defeat all evil from this whole universe or do everything you want.

    There are number of powers which super heroes have like Flying, Strength, Laser, Weather Control, Hearing, Electricity creation, Charge anything to explode, Teleportation etc.

    You can create your power by even mixing two or three powers together.

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    How to get a power

    Next you need to determine how to get your power. Super heroes usually get powers when experiments go wrong or accidents if they are not born with it.

    However, there are ways to get Super Powers

    - Bit by a radioactive creature like spiders, cat, mosquitoes.
    - Bizarre accident
    - Long exposure to Radiation
    - Build yourself super powers by hiring scientists and experts and a secret lab
    - Make a deal with Satan

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    Chose a Side: Good or Evil

    After deciding what type of power you need, choose a side. You can either become a Super Hero or a Super Villain after having Super Powers. You can earn fame and have inner peace after saving some one’s life if you choose the good side.

    On the other hand, you can take revenge and bring nightmares to this world by destroying things and killing inferior humans.

    You can also sit idle and do nothing with your power. You can have fun and play games and not help humans or hurt them.

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    Costume and Secret Identity

    After creating your own super power, you will want to hide your identity. You can do this by choosing a costume. You can make a spectacular one like Spiderman’s or make classy leather costumes like X-Men wear. You will also require a secret identity or the name you would want people to call you.

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