How to Be More Confident With Women

Being around women isn’t easy and people usually lose their confidence when they talk to someone from the opposite gender. Talking to a girl is even tougher if you are in any way attracted to that person.

Confidence is something that can make you a player among women and similarly, lack of confidence can ruin your chances with a girl. Girls look for confidence in a man and they prefer a guy who is confident talking to women rather than someone who is very shy and is uncomfortable.

However, if you lack confidence when it comes to talking to women, there are ways that can help you to be more confident with women.


  • 1

    Do not underestimate yourself

    Do not compare yourself with other guys and have faith in your abilities. Do not underestimate yourself thinking that you are not good enough for someone. This thought will kill your confidence and you will find it very hard when among the members of the opposite gender.

  • 2

    Do not go for the outer beauty

    Most guys fail while talking to women because they go for the outer beauty only. Women’s body can be a huge source of attraction but you need to focus on other things. You should consider the attitude of the person you are talking to as well as her image in the face of people around her.

  • 3

    Have Fun

    You need to have fun when among women. If you act all sober and decent, you will miss all the fun. You cannot improve your confidence if you create imaginary walls around you. Get involved, have fun, talk to women as much as possible.

  • 4

    Date regularly

    You should be in the game if you want to become a player. You cannot just expect to improve your confidence with women by avoiding them. Go out there, date some beautiful women and do it often.

  • 5


    Practice, practice and practice, the best way to be more confident with women is practice. You need to be more involved with women. Don’t become a part of all guys groups and talk with women as much as possible.

  • 6

    Conquer your fears

    Set your fears aside. Guys usually have some fears that stop them from talking to women. Conquer your fears and enjoy the company of women.

  • 7

    Avoid sexual thoughts

    If you have sexual thoughts in your mind while among the women, you cannot improve your confidence. Avoid sexual thoughts and be more confident with women.

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