How to Be a Good Wingman

It does not matter whether you go to a party, hit the bar or any other occasion, one always requires a wingman to hook with a girl. One should be very careful while considering the options to choose a wingman, keeping in mind the need and importance of how skilful your wingman should be. Generally, people choose their close ones including friends, cousins or family members as their wingman as this activity requires too much time spending and proper coordination.

One should keep in mind that choosing a wingman smarter than you or relatively lower in skill than you can be of no use. Therefore, you should evaluate your wingman up to your skills and abilities, making sure that his and your potential matches in almost every possible way.

In some cases, people choose wingmen that are already tied in a relationship and thus have the experience to attract girls. At times, this often make them feel secure that their wingman is of full potential and would not back out. The process of choosing a wingman can be tricky, sometimes it is formed naturally due to the level of understanding between two individuals whereas some often sit and talk to each other to become a wingman.


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    In order to be a good wingman, the foremost thing you should have is to assess the situation intellectually. If you really want to help your friend, then you should find the hottest chick available.

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    After you have spotted the lady, go and start a conversation with her. Do not leave your friend behind as this would make the situation awkward. Instead of just keep talking to her yourself, this is the right time to introduce your friend to her.

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    You should look positive while talking to her as a kinky look might pose a bad image. You should crack some jokes and make your image positive.

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    Do not back out and keep supporting your friend at all times. You should be clear that no matter how beautiful the girl is, she has no right to insult your friend and if she does, you should give a suitable answer to defend your friend.

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    After patching your friend with a girl, you should not just stick there. You should give them some room and leave for a while to have face to face chat.

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