How to Understand Men through Their Dogs

Apparently, it looks really stupid to judge someone’s character through their pets but the recent studies show that a man’s pet speaks volumes about his personality. Most women wonder why men behave strangely and are unpredictable.

Usually it comes down to the fact that women never try to understand men. The hustle and bustle of today’s life gives them very little time to spend together. However, there are some shortcuts that can help you in understanding a guy.

Check the dog a man chooses and this little exercise will produce desired results. You will never complain ever again that men are complex.


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    Notice the breed of dog:

    First thing you should do is to notice the breed of dog. It says a lot about the owner’s personality. A man will never keep a dog that winds him up so check his dog’s breed and you will get a good idea about his likes and dislikes. For instance, if the man has a Bulldog then there is possibility that he is a docile and loyal person. If the dog with him is a Beagle then the man is supposed to be a cheerful and clever person. Similarly, the owner of a Golden Retriever will have a confident, smart and trustworthy personality. If he has a German Shepherd then your man will certainly be rough and tough. However, one thing you must keep in mind that nothing is final in this theory. These observations can just help you a bit in understanding men but you should not approach him with a pre-set notion.

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    How he treats his dog:

    Next thing you should do is to notice his behaviour around his dog. To better understand his personality or character then carefully check how your man treats his dog. For example, if he is being over protective and possessive then you won’t have to consult anyone else to make your decision. Similarly, if he abuses or beats his canine companion then he cannot be a loving and affectionate mate.

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    Check his dog’s reaction:

    Another way to understand men through their dogs is to check the dog’s reaction. If you feel a bond between them then it shows that the man has a good character. However, if the dog is running away from him, not waging it's tail or is cautious around him then you might want to pass this guy over.

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    Check the dog’s behaviour:

    Last but not the least; you must check his dog’s behaviour with other dogs. This really can give clues to the owner’s character.

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