How to Cope With Insults

Nearly everyone in this world has to deal with insults at some point in their life. Dealing with pleasantries is never easy and really puts your tolerance to test. However, it is important to keep your cool and remain strong instead of start crying or retaliating by insulting the person back or physically assaulting that person. There are many effective ways to cope with hurtful insults.


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    If you are being insulted by bullies, ignore them. Pretend that they are not there and that you cannot hear them. Zone out so that your brain stops interpreting what they are saying. If you are being insulted by an elder such as your parents or teacher, ask yourself what you may have done wrong to make them insult you.

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    Keep your head cool. You do not want to retaliate by firing insults back at the person verbally assaulting you.This will make things only worse and put your safety at risk. Remain calm and relaxed.

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    Do not let go of your confidence. No matter how hard someone tries to make you believe that you are pathetic, a loser, or have an ugly face, never let your self-esteem drop. Keep reminding yourself that the other person is only saying all the mean things to hurt you.

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    Do not cry or look like you are about to crying. That is the worst way to react to insults. If you start shedding tears, you will be letting the other person know that they hit a soft spot. Do not make yourself come off as weak as it will only make you seem more vulnerable to them and is likely to encourage them to insult you even more.

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    Laugh when someone insults you. When they find you laughing instead of retaliating or breaking down, they will realise that their harsh words are not making any impact on you or your mood and therefore stop insulting.

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    If you want the person insulting you to know that you are neither weak nor a coward who will back down if they bully you, speak up. Be sure to speak clearly and confidently so that they know that you are no pushover.

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    If you are being insulted by bullies at school, talk to your parents. Let them know of the situation so that they can talk to your teacher or principal. If a co-worker is insulting you, firmly ask that person to be quiet. Threaten to take the matter to the management if the insults continue.

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