How to Pay Your TV Licence

The payment of TV license fee is not difficult itself, although there is a big question mark on the willingness of the consumers to pay the fee. The payment options include direct debit, buying TV saving cards, and even some countries have tried option of charging TV license fee along with utility bills. Whatever the option, if you are willing to pay TV license fee, you can choose any of the several methods.


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    Direct Debit

    If you want no hassle in paying TV license fee, set up direct debit from your account and the amount will be deducted every month on the decided date. You can request your bank to set up the direct debit option for you. However, you should have enough money in your account before the given date as there are some charges that the bank can levy if the direct debit request is bounced back. You can cancel the direct debit any time you want.

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    Credit Card

    You can pay the TV license fee every month through your credit card, if it is cheaper for you to make payments such as this one. If your credit issuer is charging too much money on such payments, it is better to consider other options.

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    Pay Points

    It is possible that your national television network has informed you about the payment points at which you can pay your license fee. It can be some shops or post office booths. You can make payment of the license fee either through credit card or in cash, and it is immediately accepted. Do not forget to take the receipt for your record.

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    Cheques and Postal Orders

    You can also make payment of TV license fee through cheques and postal orders in the name of your local television network. This can take a while for clearance of the payment, and you can check your bank account to confirm if the payment has been cleared.

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    TV License Cards

    Many countries have TV license payment and saving cards. You can select the one that suits you the most and then continue paying the TV license fee regularly. It is possible that you might get some benefits on use of these cards.

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    Online Payment

    You can make payment online through various payment methods. Choose the secure payment method, especially the one that your local television network has recommended. You can use your debit or credit card for the online payment of the TV license fee.

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