How to Make Simple Floral Arrangements

You can make simple floral arrangements if you have a few things sitting around at home. You do not need to spend a considerable amount of money at the florist to buy bouquets or expensive arrangements for a small function when some guests are coming over. The only things you will need is a small containers and different coloured flowers. Decorating them will be up to you but the simplest way is to add flowers of different sizes and colours to the container.

Things required:

– Containers or serving bowls
– Flowers
– Rocks
– Water
– Scissors


  • 1

    Find containers of different size

    First of all, find containers of different sizes from your home. A container will act as a base in which you will place the flowers. You can find containers or serving bowls from your kitchen and use them for your arrangements. Make sure they are of different colours so that the overall look is colourful and fresh.

  • 2

    Buy flowers

    The next thing you need to do is to buy some flowers for the arrangement. Go to your local grocery store and buy flowers of different colours and sizes. You can go for specific colours if you want to follow a colour scheme. A good thing would be to go for three to four flowers of a certain colour so that the scheme does not look repetitive.

  • 3

    Fill in the container with water or rocks

    Fill the base with rocks if the container is transparent. You can also go for water as that will give the container a great look and will keep the flowers fresh.

  • 4

    Cut stems of flowers and place the flowers

    A good way will be to cut the stem of the flowers using scissors so that they remain low over the container. A standard height of the flower is about three to four inches above the container.

  • 5

    Find an appropriate place for the container

    You need to find an appropriate place for the container which suits the colour scheme and the overall look. A good place will be the coffee table or desk.

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