How to Laugh Through the Pain of Loss

It is always easy to be on the winning side, as you don’t have to face any embarrassment in front of anyone. However, the pain of losing can be unbearable on a few occasions, especially if a person is emotionally vulnerable.

Winning or losing is not necessarily associated with a game, as these things are connected to a lot of other practices too. Let’s say you are hunting a job and finally get a call for an interview. Despite being qualified enough for the position, you get rejected because of some reason.

This can be really discouraging and only you will be able to realise the pain of this loss. However, you should practice ways of laughing through the pain of loss in order to live a normal life.


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    Realise that life is not all about winning

    Even the most successful people in the world have to bear the pain of loss one day or another. So, one should accept the fact that life is a combination of different things and one cannot expect to be triumphant all the times.

    A prime example is of seven time Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher, who failed to win even a single race after making a comeback to the sport. During his peak days, he never settled for the second best, but things changed for him over the years and he accepted that fact.

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    Keep trying

    You may have lost a game or someone special in your life, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop seeking your goals. Every day is a new one and you should come out with new ambitions rather than crying over spilt milk. Your biggest loss will be when you stop trying for anything.

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    Always see the funny side of things

    Once you have lost, you cannot do much about it. So, the best way of dealing with this situation is by looking at the funnier side of things. By doing this, you will be able to take your defeat lightly and stay motivated for the next time.

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    Learn from your mistakes

    Rather than being depressed over any situation, you should look at the positives. There is a reason behind every loss, so you should learn some important lessons from it. Once you start learning, you will see an improvement in your personality. Moreover, you will be able to laugh through the pain of loss.

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