How to Dress to Make a Speech

Dressing up in an appropriate way for delivering a speech is something important for a speaker. It becomes even more important when he is going to deliver a public speech. Dressing is the first impression that a speaker makes on his/her audience as people see him first at the stage. So, you have to be well dressed according to the demand of the occasion. People pay much attention while dressing up before appearing in front of public for a speech because they know that their outer appearance matters a lot.

However, there are many people who do not dress up appropriately while delivering a speech which reduces the impact of what they say. The first impression that you make on the audience even before uttering a single word on the stage is your appearance. The more appropriately your outfit it, the better your impression will be on your listeners. If you do not know how to dress up for delivering a speech, this post will give you an idea which will help you.


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    First of all, you should know that different events demands different types of dressing. It depends a lot on the audience as well. You have to determine which kind of the occasion is and also know what will be your audience.

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    If you are going to deliver a public speech, then the dark blazer and charcoal grey mid-weight trousers is a good option for men while a mid-calf dark dress is more appropriate for women. However, make sure that you are dressed up in dark coloured outfit.

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    Always give attention to accessories that make a strong impact like ties for men and jewellery and scarves for women. It adds a decent touch to the dress and gives it perfection.

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    Your hair should be neatly cut and styled appropriately. Female speakers should also follow that same thing along with having a nice makeup.

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    An important thing that should not be ignored at all is that your shoes should be polished. Without having your shoes polished, your dressing will not get appreciation as it is an important part.

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    Make sure that your dress is properly cleaned if not new. There should not be any stain which could destroy the cleanliness of your suit. Stains always make you feel bad about your appearance, so try to get them removed before appearing in front of public or audience.

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