How to Be a Stealth Stalker

Many people try to stalk people they are interested in, but the lack of required skills halt their way. Like other activities, stalking someone requires a set of certain skills and proper planning. If you want to stalk the girl you intend to be friends with, you should be very careful as she might get irritated with your act of stalking her. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you be very careful while stalking a person.

There are numerous ways to stalk a person; you can do it on the internet or by chasing the person. No matter how you stalk, you ultimate goal should be to stay out of her sight as much as possible and achieve your goal without her knowing about it. It is not necessary that you stalk a person you intend to get emotionally attached with but often, people do it to take revenge or just because they want to know specific things about someone.

You should remember that the goal to become a stealth stalker cannot be achieved in one day instead; you need to work really hard for that. You should list down your strengths and weaknesses so that you will know where you need to improve yourself.


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    If you have asked the person out on a date with you but she refused, you should try to figure out the reason of rejection. Stalking her all the time will not help you but try to identify the problem as this is the key. You should think of all the possible reasons she refused to hang out with you.

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    If you want to stalk her, you better stay updated as the right timing does matter in the accomplishment of tasks, provided that adequate effort is made. Try to find out her daily schedule and then adjust your routine accordingly.

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    Make sure that you are present at every place where she goes.

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    Try making a strong eye contact with her as this helps in most of the cases.

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    You should try contacting her as much as possible. Keep a close eye on everything she does.

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    You should consider sending unidentified love mail to her.

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