How To Act like You\’re In Their Shoes

Many people get inspiration from others and want to become like them not only in physical appearance but also in habits and temperament as well. However, it is quite difficult to become like someone else without knowing details about them. If you do not know each and everything about their personality, you will never be able to become like them.

However, there are a few things that can help you to become like the people who inspire you. You need to get information about their habits, their likings and disliking, their attitude, their way of talking, their way of judging things etc. For knowing all these details, you have to observe them and behave like them when they are not around.

It becomes easy for you to copy the habits of the people you like if you know them well. You can become like them if you pay attention to their routine and practice it as much as possible. With the passage of time you will feel a change in your lifestyle as well. You will realise that your behaviour is also getting changed. If you want to be like someone else and do not know how to do it, then keep reading this post.


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    First of all you have to observe what they are up to. Note down their routine which will make it easier for you to follow their footsteps.

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    Try to get closer to them and ask them a few basic questions about them which will make it easy to start doing things like them.

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    You should ask questions to them about their likings or disliking and about their family and friends. Your tone should be humble and requesting not aggressive.

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    The most important thing is that make sure that you give respect to them. Never offend them even if you find any offensive person around them.

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    Try to act like them as much as possible when you are not around them. It will make you a little comfortable in becoming like them.

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    If you feel that your behaviour or temperament is getting changed then continue following them by observing everything they do in their daily routine.

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    If you feel that there is no change in your behaviour and it is very hard to act like a particular person then stop following him/her and try to be like some other personality to whom you like as well.

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