How to Recognize and Spot a Liar

Most people easily trust anyone and everyone. However, they are the one who get easily fooled as well. They get deceived by people who seem innocent but are actually backstabbing. However, humans are intelligent by nature along with their habit of trusting anyone. They can learn few ways on order to find out if the other person is lying or not. You can also get tips from several TV shows which tells you to find out if the other person is lying or not.

Things Required:

– Practice and patience
– Observation and diligence


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    You need to watch out for your own biasness. You think that a pretty or handsome face tells the truth and is trustworthy. Studies show that attractive people lure you more in believing that they are telling the truth. Besides this, you should be aware about your own intentions and motives. You will want to believe that you can earn a million dollar or other treats. Some people might say they were rescuing some dogs and that’s why couldn’t come to your party, you can easily spot them.

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    Handshake test

    You can always take the handshake test in order to find out the other person is a liar or not. By this you can check out what the other person thinks about you. In case the other person twists your hand upwards, he sees you as inferior. In case if he presents your palm facing the roof, he sees you as superior.

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    Hand gestures

    Check the other person’s hand gesture in order to know whether he is in distress or dishonest.

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    Watch out for the stereo types

    You should be aware of people who are practiced liars. They will tell you something confidently. They won’t blink, dash their eyes away from you, talk uncomfortably or rub their noses. In order to find out people who are lying, you need to keep in mind their habits and mannerism. You should know that this person usually do not rub his nose or shift uncomfortably etc. If they are acting weird, something is fishy and there is a high probability he is lying.

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    Detect signals

    Only few people can detect signals or seek for a shrug in the other person’s statement. However, practice can teach you this technique.

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