How to Have a Painless Death

Do you want to die the most painless death? Dying is a natural process and everyone eventually dies. However, there are certain ways through which you can make the whole process less painful. While some people tend to die during accidents and are in a lot of pain before life leaves their bodies, there are others who die natural deaths, which are actually less painful. It is said that all kinds of deaths are painful, but there are a few which hurt the least. The ways of death mentioned below cause the least amount of pain as you pass on to the next world.


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    The first way to have the most painless death is when you die in your sleep. Old people tend to die this way as their soul leaves their body. This is the natural process of dying and it is considered to be the least painful. The person passes away during sleep as the soul departs, causing no real pain.

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    Another way to die painlessly is under the influence of anaesthesia. A few people who are sick or hurt and have to get operated on, are given anaesthesia so that they do not feel any pain throughout the process. Some doctors decide that the person should not be able to feel anything and must go unconscious; others decide to numb a specific area of the body so they can work on it. If the doctor gives you more anaesthesia than required for you to go unconscious, you will die. When this happens, it’s just like a normal death. You simply fall asleep, going unconscious and eventually dying. Since your brain is not feeling a thing because of the high amount of anaesthesia in your body, you feel no pain at all.

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    This last way is very rare and conditional upon a nuclear attack. If you are involved in a nuclear explosion, you die instantly. Your body doesn’t have too much time to suffer a lot of pain and you disintegrate in a split second. However, in case you are too lucky to survive such an explosion, which is extremely rare, you will be living your life in the worst possible way. You might remain handicapped for the rest of your life, which is most definitely worse than death.

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