How to be more Friendly

Are you finding it hard to be friendly with the people around you? Friends? Peers? Well if you doubt your friendliness then there is a good possibility that you probably do not know the basics but you’re not the only one… Being friendly can easily help you become more comfortable around people thus confidence is most likely to grow a lot more… So the question is how do you become more friendly without overdoing it?

We have spoken to an expert on Personal Development – Joanne Wright who has over 9 years of experience within this field, she has passed on some very great points on how to become more friendly on a daily basis and some of the worse things people do to look very unfriendly… Keep reading on the steps below to find out more!


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    Smiling is important – don’t come across as some moody person, a smile automatically makes you look like a more friendly person… don’t go around smiling 24 hours a day however increase the smile ratio by at least 20% on a day to day basis no matter if its your family member, friends, colleagues at work or even strangers that you’ve never seen before… smiling automatically means you are more approachable and it also makes the other people a lot more comfortable. Also smiling whilst having a conversation is a must!

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    Body language speaks for itself – if you want to come across to people as “approachable” you must have the correct body language to do so, the human mind is so powerful that us humans pick up someone’s body language within seconds and have already made a decision not to approach within just a few seconds…

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    Here are the basics of body language:

    > Do NOT cross your legs… Keep them together

    > Do NOT slouch but keep your back up straight and your head up straight looking forward and not downwards

    > Do NOT cross your arms (the worse body language) put them by your side

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    Do NOT show signs of being distracted – if you want people to take you seriously the last thing you want is you playing flappy bird whilst someone is trying to have a conversation with you… not only is this unfriendly but it is also considered as rude and inconsiderate depending on what the person may be trying to tell you… Even if someone isn’t talking to you and you’re being distracted by games on your iPhone or putting the newspaper over your face then obviously you are not coming across as approachable. However what you may need to do is look straight ahead and simply let that smile out… you’ll actually be surprised to what the world has to give you… try it I guarantee results on the first day you smile at people more, the rate of engagement will increase immediately.

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    Make eye contact – If you read articles on the web they will say “Always” make eye contact… We do not quite agree because if you always make eye contact that will just be scary, relax back and stay chilled when the person is talking to you then it is 100% necessary to look at the person in the eye rather than being distracted by things around you.

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    Laugh more – don’t over do it with the fake laughs but the ability to laugh at small things is a good skill to have, it calms down any awkwardness between you and other people around you… not to forget laughing is very good for your heart, try to increase your laugh by 20% on a daily basis from today onwards – so you’ll be smiling and laughing more by 20% that is a perfect combination for friendliness.

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    Quick tips:

    - Small talk: “Oh, the weather is appalling out there” can be an easy lead to a conversation with anyone

    - Ask questions – another easy way to look friendly, you show interest in the person that you’re engaging with

    - Compliment people around you – don’t go too far with strong compliments too soon especially if it’s a stranger or someone you just met keep it simple “nice handbag” or “I like the way you dress yourself, very classy”

    - Use proper name – instead of saying just “Hello” say “Hello John”

    - Keep on positive topics – at least 80-90% of what you speak must be positive therefore people will like having you around

    - Open up – it’s ok to share your childhood memories or crazy vacations… go for it!

    - Try to approach new people if you can’t do this randomly – start at the gym you attend? Your workplace? University? Then slowly take this skill to the roads

    - Send out more invites to your events that you hold and accept more when you get invited to someone else’s

    - Spend more time with friends rather than working all the time

    - Practice being friendly to those people who you dislike

    - Try your best to show genuine signs of interest within other peoples lives even if you don’t… you will come across as a friendly person


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