How to Congratulate Someone You Don’t Like

Human being is one of the most wonderful creatures of the universe because of its ability to use the brain more than other species. There are billions of humans living on this planet but quite astonishingly, every one of us has a different nature. We react to similar things in a different manner and perceive them according to our own interpretations. The human nature is so complex that many people have conflicting personalities and at times, it can get increasingly difficult to bear the other person. However, as we all know, a human is a social animal and has to depend on one another to survive in a prosperous society, so all of us have to make certain compromises in different stages of our life. At times, we have to be with people, whom we do not like. That is how this life is and we have to adjust accordingly.

If a person, whom we dislike, achieves something in life, then it becomes quite an awkward situation to congratulate him/her. However, we must make ourselves understand that it is merely a mental hurdle and this world is all about accepting others, whether we like them or not.


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    Make yourself feel good

    Before you go and congratulate the person you do not like, take a deep breath and make yourself feel good about his/her achievement. Convince yourself that you would be giving a good gesture by taking part in someone else’s joy.

    In order to feel good and relaxed before you congratulate the person you dislike, you can take part in certain activities, such as going for a long walk or work out, listening to music, read a good book etc.

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    In order to avoid an awkward feeling, practice in front of the mirror to congratulating him/her. You can also imagine the whole situation, which will help you immensely when the situation eventually arises.

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    Forget your disliking

    The ideal thing to do before you congratulate the person you dislike is to forget about his past behaviour. If you keep thinking about your conflicts, you will never be able to congratulate him nicely.

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    Have a smile on your face and show pleasure

    When the moment arrives, have a genuine smile on your face with a clear heart and congratulate the person warmly, even if you dislike his certain behaviours or acts. You do not need to be too formal in your gestures, as it may give a fake impression.

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