How to Improve Your Memory

No matter you are a teacher, businessman, accountant or merely a student, you cannot excel in your relevant field while having a bad memory. There can be many reasons for weak memory but fortunately there are countless methods to improve the memory as well.

Do not worry; you won’t have to attend a mind recce session or any other institution of brain power. You can do it by making few changes in your life style and following some simple directions. However, you must keep in mind that these exercises will take time to yield desired results.

So are you ready to improve your memory?


  • 1

    Stay active:

    Recent studies show that people who follow an exercise routine and spare some time for themselves have less danger of memory loss. You must not underestimate the morning walk as it plays a vital role to keep you alert and improve your brain function all the day.

  • 2

    Understand the material:

    Do not just try to remember the content rather put an extra effort to understand the material. This will enable you to keep those things in mind for long. Moreover, apply these things in daily life as this revision will also help you in memorising things.

  • 3

    Learn to focus:

    You should work on your concentration skills. There is no harm in doing multiple things at a time but you should not split yourself in entirely different tasks. Try to find connections between different things and this will elevate your focusing skills.

  • 4

    Play memory games:

    There are several games that can help you a lot in improving your memory. Cards, scrabble and chess are few examples that require you to focus and apply your mind. You may visit online gaming websites and play other games that can improve your memory.

  • 5

    Work on your observation:

    Try to observe as many things as you can. The best way is to look around for 20 seconds, close your eyes and try to memorise everything you saw.

  • 6

    Repeat and review:

    Whatever you have learned, you should repeat and revise to remember that thing. Maintain the record and review it after couple of days to challenge your memory.

  • 7

    Avoid stress:

    Stress damages the memory very badly. That is why, experts advise to avoid stress and stay calm in every situation. You must do Yoga or Meditation to stay relaxed.

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