How to Be an Effective Leader

No matter if you are heading a sports team, a business organisation, a political party or a group of salesmen, you must be inspiring enough to keep your subordinates motivated and bring out the best in them.

Being a leader you must understand that your subordinates look towards you and they can’t be effective members of the team until you are setting an example for them. You will have to make changes in your personality and rise above of personal likes and dislikes.

Though, it can be difficult but you will have to follow some directions to be an effective leader.


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    Evaluate yourself:

    Self evaluation is the most important thing to improve your leadership skills. However, you must be honest and brave enough to evaluate yourself. Keep in mind that a great leader cannot afford self pity or sympathy. If you have any weakness, do not hesitate in accepting it as it is the first step towards improvement. You may seek help from your friends or family members as they can give you an honest opinion about your character and personality.

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    Keep the spark alive:

    You must be passionate about your goals. Do not show a passive attitude otherwise you will lose the confidence of your team members and ultimately this will lead you to potential failure. Keep your spark alive and make the target your obsession.

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    Lead from the front:

    You should set new examples for your followers. Being a leader does not mean that you will just direct and order others. To be an effective leader, you will have to remain one step ahead of your followers and lead from the front. Challenge and motivate them to give their maximum efforts. If you are not the personification of your teachings then nobody will listen to you.

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    Be a good listener:

    To be an effective leader, you must believe in discussions and suggestions. Do not give the impression that you are superior to them rather include your subordinates in the decision making process and value their input. Moreover, listen to them with patience if they have any objections and try to explain the purpose of your every move.

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    Believe in your team members:

    Make your team members realise that you believe in them and you cannot hit the mark without them. This will raise their morale and ultimately your leadership as their team work will yield favourable results.

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