How to Overcome Fear of the Dentist

While there are so many other things in this world to be scared of, you will be surprised that most of us have dentists freaking us out. It is quite odd that while the dentists try their very best not to hurt us, yet we choose to rather drive a car blindfolded than to pay a visit to the nearest dentist.

While doctors are less concerned about our pain threshold, dentists are always looking to decrease the possibility of us feeling any pain while they are operating on us.

Common Reasons

A bad childhood experience might be one of the reasons why you no longer want to visit a dentist.

Then comes the fear of the unknown, the things which we do not know scare us, and if you haven’t been to the dentist there is a possibility you would rather choose to live out your life without making such a visit.

The fear of tools roaming the sensitive areas in your mouth, without you having a clear line of sight, is another major reason for fearing to have a dental procedure.

While schools in the US encourage children from an early age to get their teeth examined by dentists almost every month, yet estimates suggest that almost 8% of Americans avoid a trip to the dental clinic out of fear.


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    Find a dentist who understands you

    It would be wise to find a dentist, who is known for his gentle touch. Talk to him and let him know about your fears. If a dentist knows that coming to him is not a walk in the park for you, he will surely create a comfortable environment in his clinic just for you. He will also remove any doubts that you may have regarding the procedure that is to be performed on your teeth.

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    Sedation is another method to calm you as dentists can either give you a pill or general anaesthesia. Another option is nitrous oxide commonly known as the laughing gas, it can also relax you. However, if you are pregnant do not use it.

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    Take baby steps

    Do not haste yourself into things; you cannot lose your fears in one day. Frequent and less stressing experiences will ultimately help you.

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    Turn to a psychologist or counsellor

    You may need some professional help to say goodbye to your fears as techniques such as desensitization therapy can be effective.

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