How to Be a More Likeable Person

A likeable person is the person who is loved by everyone around. You need to make everybody close to you happy and people should get attracted towards you. By following some simple guidelines and helpful tips, you can become likeable and increase the chances of success in your field and life. You may need considerable time to convince all the people around you that you are good at heart but it is worth it. A positive attitude and respect for the people around you is very important.


  • 1

    Be positive

    You are required to convert your negative emotions into healthier and positive ones. You should always keep a winning attitude as it not only makes you likeable but also leads to rewards.

  • 2

    Quit complaining

    You should refrain from complaining. Do not waste your energy in these negative emotions. It is advisable for you to not be discouraged by failures. Instead you should learn from your mistakes and avoid them next time. Keep in mind that people do not like to be around those who are always complaining.

  • 3

    Associate with people who are likeable

    You need to connect with people who are likeable. Learn what characteristics or things draw you towards people and what qualities you are lacking. You should refrain from associating with negative people as they will only drag you down.

  • 4

    Treat others with respect

    Likeable people are those who treat others with respect and seek value in everyone. You need to be understanding and take care of others. Remember that if you become judgemental, you won’t know what others might be offering you.

  • 5

    Keep control over your insecurities

    Keep in mind that insecurities weaken the person. Thus you need to keep control over your them and accept yourself, good or bad, completely. In case you have things or characteristics you are embarrassed of, then you need to change, atleast make an effort to do so. Remember that no one is perfect and when you let others see you have flaws, you will become more approachable.

  • 6

    Live by a moral code

    You should always treat others as you like to be treated. Know which things are good for you and which ones are not. These are the boundaries and you should always respect others’ limts in order to be likeable.

    Don't allow anyone to cross these boundaries. If someone tries to, you need to be firm in order to garner respect.

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