Top 10 Reasons Why People Get Angry

There are numerous reasons why people can get angry. The anger bursts could be impulsive or the result of some grudges which got accumulated over time. Most of the people can get angry over minor issues, however there are always some, who have the patience to stay put and be calm. That however does not mean that they don’t get angry. In this article, we will go through the top ten ways, which can make even the most patient of people, fume.


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    One of the most common reasons why people get angry is embarrassment. Some people can see the funny side of things, but majority of them will react differently to such a situation like scolding a junior or breaking something in the house.

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    Unfair treatment

    If someone is not treated fairly, the result will be anger. The most common cases are seen at the workplace, where gender bias is quite a general thing. If you work hard and the rewards are given to someone else, you will definitely be furious


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    Another reason why people get angry is related to money. Let’s say you have lend some money to a friend and he/she is unable to return it in time. This will definitely trigger your anger and your relationship might end up getting destroyed at the end of the day. Moreover, you can also get angry, if you have fulfilled your tasks and your bosses end up deducting your salary for stupid reasons.

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    Parents often get angry when children don’t listen to them and misbehave. Due to this, the situation gets out of control and the younger ones end up in trouble. If they disobey the orders of the elders, they have to face the wrath in the end.

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    Sometimes we end up expecting a lot from others, which can result in a lot o frustration. If the other person fails to meet our expectations, we get angry and the relationship finishes straight away.

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    Sometimes we get overly disappointed because of certain reasons and this triggers the anger inside us.

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    When things get out of control, one can get frustrated. In such a situation, one always loses temper and ends up doing harm to others or one’s self.

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    Although one can learn a lot from failure, most of us don’t realise this fact easily. As a result, we end up getting angry. Let’s say you are playing cricket against your friend and end up losing the match. In such a situation you will definitely want to keep a distance from others.

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    Has anyone ever betrayed you? If not, then you are the luckiest person on earth. However, whenever you face such a situation, you would want to simply kill the other person.

  • 10


    When you are hurt, you can end up doing silly things. Some people react by simply not taking any action, but others get furious and decide to avenge their loss.

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