How to Stop Self Destructive Behaviors

Life is just like a roller-coaster, with a lot of ups and downs. One needs to be strong when going through a difficult time rather than giving up or reacting to them by indulging in self-destructive behaviors. Losing faith in yourself and letting yourself sink in an ocean of grief and hopelessness will make you so weak that you will eventually find yourself to trip over the smallest of obstacles that come in your path. You need to start making an effort immediately to stop self-destructive behaviour and making yourself strong to face anything.


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    Do not let yourself fall under the impression that self-destructive behavior is not a recurring habit. If you allow yourself to indulge in it once, there is a very good chance that you will fall back to it again after you somehow manage to put an end to it once. This is what makes such behavior even more dangerous and consequently makes it more important to deal with it as soon as possible.

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    The very fact that you are walking down a path of self-destruction goes to prove that you have lost faith in yourself and no longer value your own life, health and happiness. For a person who does not love himself, the whole world begins to look dark and gloomy. You have no right to hurt or insult yourself by indulging in destructive behaviors. Put a stop to it and get back to living life to the fullest.

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    Typically, self-destructive behavior is trigged by an external factor, such as someone else getting more attention than you in college, your brother getting far better grades and thus appreciation from parents than you, not living up to someone’s expectations, etc. Keep thoughts such as “others are better than me” or “others are more important than me” out of your mind.

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    If you identify stress as the main trigger of self-destructive behaviors, work on dealing with stress in a much better and more positive fashion rather than letting you push you over the cliff. Start going taking long walks, playing sports, or doing something that you love. This will help take your mind off stuff that is bothering you.

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    Do you have an elder or much more experienced person around you? Talk to them and communicate how you feel. They may be able to guide you on facing the everyday challenges that life throws at you and help you find both inner strength and peace.

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    Identify the triggers that cause you to indulge in destructive behavior and learn ways to counteract them. This can include coping with the triggers, getting help from friends, reading books, distracting yourself, etc.

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