How to Talk Less and Listen More

Do you think you talk too much, or cannot focus properly on what is being said and are always in a hurry to have your say even when others are not interested? While you may believe your words are invaluable, others may not share the same opinion or optimism. You have to realize that everyone has the built-in need for expression, and if you stifle people, they will soon turn away from you.

If you are reading this article, intending to fix this problem, it is the first step in the right direction. With a little patience and effort, you can change this behavior.


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    The first thing is that you need to give the other person importance and listen to him/her with full dedication.

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    If you are listening and not rushing into asking questions there is a strong chance that you will actually talk less and listen more.

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    Stop thinking what you want to say or what you should be saying and let the other person finish talking.

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    It is bad manners to cut someone off when they are talking, so wait for them to finish and then make your move. Even if you disagree with the person who is speaking, let him/her finish, write down the points that you do not agree with and then speak.

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    You can give non-verbal feedback to the person who is talking. You can smile, nod, and tilt your head which will show that you are attentively listening to them. However, do not over do your gestures.

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    When the speaker takes a natural pause in his/her conversation do not rush into speaking.

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    Always think before you speak, if you think more, instead of letting the words slip out of your mouth you will gradually learn to talk less and listen more.

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