How to Be Honest With Others

From childhood, parents teach you to be honest and not lie irrespective of the situation. But in life you may have to stretch facts to get out of an unpleasant situation from time to time.

To be honest with people is more difficult as it seems there are situations in life where you find it difficult to speak the truth with yourself and especially with other people around you.

Honesty is an important step behind establishing any relationship. You are often appreciated and respected because of your integrity. In the community, being honest is highly regarded. That is why, no matter what, you should always be honest with yourself and others.

To be honest with others, you always need to speak the truth which is arguably a difficult task. Frank statements are not always the best answer because they can unfairly hurt someone’s feelings, offend and hurt people.


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    First, try to stick to "policy of honesty" with yourself. After all, there is no fear of offending or hurting someone else. Knowing the truth yourself is sometimes more important than telling it to others. Do not lie to yourself, even in easy situations because it can distort your perception.

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    Secondly, select those people whom you can completely trust and try to be honest with them. Try to remember that a lie will only save you for a limited period of time and you may regret the humiliation in front of your spouse, partners and friends when they will learn about the truth in the near future.

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    Try to tell yourself that people will accept you for who you are and find the balance between honesty and confidentiality. From the fact that you are honest, you do not become naive and vulnerable. There are certain secrets that you do not tell anyone because that person is not entitled to the information.

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    Think before saying the truth to others. If what you are going to say will cause more harm than good, it is better to remain silent on that particular occasion.

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    When you feel the urgent need to share the truth with someone, think about it. Ask yourself whether you want to leak the information for the sake of maintaining a reputation as an honest person.

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