How to Be Lazy and Successful

While there is no denying the fact that hard work is the key to success, it is not uncommon to come across people who managed to make it big despite being pretty lazy and having a fairly laid-back attitude.

One of the biggest reasons why most people are shocked and confused by the success of a lazy individual is because they fail to differentiate between hard work, diligence and motivation. Confusing the three to be one and the same thing is among the biggest blunders that one can make while aiming to accomplish a goal or purpose.

If you want to be successful despite being lazy, just hold on to your resolve and work smartly.


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    Remain focused on the goal and work according to it. There is no need to do more than what is required. If you are trying to impress your boss by working extra hard and being over-productive, there is a good chance that he/she will put more responsibility on your shoulders and thus increase your work load.

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    Do not try to do everything by yourself. Instead, take the load off your shoulders by delegating certain tasks to others in your team who are better suited to perform it, or simply outsourcing them. Empowering team members and giving them a decent incentive are sure to bring great results.

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    Instead of going for a business or job just because it pays more, go for something that gives you more satisfaction. Doing something that you love will make you feel happier and cause you to work with greater passion and diligence. This would eventually allow you to excel in whatever you are doing and become a valuable asset for your employer.

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    Rather than working hard to improve yourself, attend seminars, take courses and read books. This will allow you to become aware of your weaknesses and the best way to overcome them. There is a great deal that you can learn from the experience of others.

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    Be patient. Success does not happen overnight. You will surely have your persistence tested while you are in pursuit of it.

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    Do not let the remarks or negative feedback of others discourage or de-motivate you. Just because you are taking an unconventional road to success does not mean that you are walking down the wrong path. Others may doubt you and question your approach, but do not let that shake your confidence. Stay determined and focused.

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