How to Live and Train like a Spartan Warrior

In order to train and live like a Spartan warrior, you need to be ruthless in your approach. Mercy and failures are not options but just mind barriers which you need to overcome in order to be successful. Recalling 300 the movie must inject a sense of purpose in you where you are ready to push yourself and achieve your goals. As a true Spartan, you need to prepare yourself for the extreme, despite the odds being stacked against you.


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    Have a clear intent. If you want to achieve something, be it a toned and ripped body or anything in life, make sure you don’t look for excuses. Have a clear mind where you are focused on your goal. Not going to the gym because you don’t feel so is not an option. Just walk, run or do whatever it takes to leave your home. In some instances, perform your daily workout routine at your home or any place where you can if going to gym is impossible.

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    Exercise properly. Same should be the case in any phase of life. Don’t hesitate or perform things haphazardly. Running away won’t sort out matters. You need to be methodical in your approach so think before you do something. Wasting time on small muscles is of no use as your aim should be to work extensively on each and every body part.

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    Overcome your fears and try to focus on your own self. Losing 50 pounds may seem a daunting prospect but you can only achieve that by hard work. Accept the challenge wholeheartedly, as people will make fun of you at first but will most certainly emulate your efforts later on.

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    Your training must be extensive. Devote special attention to it. It will include pull-ups, push-ups, squats at will. Think out the box and add variety to your routine. Conventional methods are not the Spartan way of handling things. Train as you have never done it before.

    In life also, you need to prepare from the very beginning. If you want to become a doctor, or a sportsman, then figure out your every move in advance. Hard work and determination will be critical if you want to master in your respective field.

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    Respect and honour others. If you have a training partner, make sure to help him and share ideas. As in your life, you need to respect your seniors by achieving the desired results. If you are numerically short, make sure to plan well and victory will be yours. Nothing comes easy for a true Spartan.

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