How to Stop Desertification

The earth was handed down to us in a perfect form, rich and healthy. Our actions have wounded it and bared it of resources. Desertification is one of them. As the word indicates, desertification is a process in which our dry lands turn into deserts and become unfit for any form of agriculture.  It is caused by a number of agricultural reasons. The first one is drafting of water from the soil which leaves it dry. The second one is overgrazing by animals like goat and sheep which exposes the soil.The third one is tillage during farming where the soil is left loose and exposed to wind and water erosion. All these practices lead to a soil unfit for growing crops. We cannot afford this because we are already short of resources for our ever growing population.


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    Change agricultural techniques:

    A large percent of the reasons for desertification lie in agriculture itself. Farming should be done in a sustainable way that prevents soil runoff. Crop rotation and plantation of legume plants should be done to maintain nitrogen level in the soil.  Farming on terraces prevents soil erosion in hillside areas. Irrigation methods should also be sustainable and not all water should be drawn out of the land. All efforts to minimize use of water in our lives and conservation is necessary because it is the lack of water in the ground that makes it deserted.

    Goats and sheep should not be let to overgraze the land. Uncontrolled grazing leads to an exposed top soil. Encourage in barn feeding that is more controlled.

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    Plant trees:

    Planting trees can decrease and stop the rate of desertification. Trees prevent soil erosion by wind and water and sustain the top soil layer. This way they protect the land from becoming deserted. Planting tress and plants that are drought resistant is also helpful because they do not require that much water from the ground. Any form of vegetation cover protects the soil underneath.

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    Make an overall change:

    All the environmental factors are interrelated. Desertification is indirectly linked to global warming and all other environmental changes. Changes in lifestyles and practicing sustainable practices like saving energy, water and reducing waste eventually leads to a decrease in desertification. A shift to renewable energy sources like solar power is another thing we can do.

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