How to Improve your Media Interview Skills

Over the years, with the revolutionary advancement of information technology, Journalism has evolved immensely as a profession. Media, in the modern world, plays a huge role in forming opinions and promoting transparency. Countries which have strong and influential media, have a greater chance of eradicating their problems as compared to those regions where there are certain limitations. We live in a world of communication these days and if you are able to express yourself efficiently, you are likely to succeed in your life.

Journalists are extremely well-informed and sharp people, who know how to play with the mind of the other person. If you are a well-known personality or are looking to launch a business, it is imperative for you to learn to deal with media; otherwise, you may find yourself saying things you didn’t want to. You would think giving interviews is simple enough; however, it requires communication skills of the highest level to fully express yourself and answer the harsh questions of the interviewer.


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    Do your homework & be informed

    Meeting the press is always a big challenge. If you want to give a good interview, you must be mentally prepared for some harsh questions. Therefore, you must do proper homework before the interview and be informed about the topic; otherwise, you will not be in a position to answer the questions logically.

    A media interview is all about confidence as you will be addressing a huge audience. Unless or until you have enough knowledge about the topic being discussed, you are likely to find yourself in an awkward situation. It is recommended that you ask the interviewer about the topic/questions to be discussed during the interview beforehand as it will help you to be prepared and confident.

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    Dress appropriately

    In order to give a good media interview, it is crucial to be properly dressed. If you are presentable and attractive, you have a greater chance of dealing with the interview nicely. If you are a politician or a businessman, it is ideal for you to be formally dressed, as it is going to have a strong impression on the interviewer.

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    Remain calm

    Not losing patience is the key if you want to master the art of giving good interviews to media. You will be asked harsh and bitter questions, at times about your personal life as well, so if you are not calm and collected, you will be giving emotional answers, which will not be good for your image.

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